Hermann Lacroix (1981-)

Lacroix's paintings contain hidden images that reveal themselves over time. To some, these paintings may appear somewhat chaotic. Yet the brushstrokes and choice of colors can have a calming effect while inviting us to delve deeper into the mystery of each work.  
Hermann Lacroix was born in 1981 in Verdun, in the Lorraine region of France. He moved to Canada in 1992. Lacroix developed an early interest in poetry, music, and the great philosophers. Abstract painters from Post-war American art era, such as Robert Motherwell, Toko Shinoda, Hans Hartung, and Pierre Soulages, had a strong impression on Lacroix and inspired him to pursue a vocation in painting.
Lacroix has been awarded numerous medals from the Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Québec (CAPSQ.) In 2015, he won the bronze medal at the 41st International Exhibition held at the Beffroi in Bruges, Belgium, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2016, Lacroix won the gold medal at the 32nd International Gala Competition for Visual Arts, Sound, and Light. The following year he was awarded the Grand Prix. Lacroix is also the 2017 recipient of the gold medal at the CAPSQ’s 45th International Exhibition held in Villers-Cotterêts, France, the birthplace of Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers.
Hermann Lacroix’s paintings appear in numerous private collections in Québec and Hong Kong.

Aqua Turbo Boligare Confession of Peaks
Hortus Marks 023 Marks 0138
Marks 750 Medicine Novas
Orbis Sans Titre
Sans Titre #2
Sans Titre #3 Sans Titre #4 Sans Titre #5
Sans Titre #6 Scander Symbolum
Unworthy Elegance