Hermann Lacroix (1981-)

Largely influenced by the post-war masters of abstract art such as Hans Hartung, Pierre Soulages and Robert Motherwell, these works are made from acrylic, charcoal, varnish and metallic paint.
Experimenting with rhythmic outlining, asymmetric splotches, textures and symmetrical movement of transparencies.
Exploration of these components on paper brings us to the abstract style reflected in it. Metaphysics obliges, between the painting and the spectator a mixed reflection of emotions and sensations that are personalized. This approach through sharing is a willingness to make art accessible to everyone. Art enables us to pass our own secret judgment which is individualized.

Exta 000 Abattis Aqua Turbo
Flog Fulgure Mao Poem
Mao Poem 004 Marks 00 Marks 023
Marks 0127 Marks 0135 Marks 0138
Marks 0140 Medicine Novas
Orbis Praesentia Scars
Suspensionem Unworthy Elegance  


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