John Barkley

John Barkley is an experimental painter living in Chelsea, Quebec. Barkley has been pursuing a professional artistic practice since 1996. In the last seven years he has been able to work in his studio, in Wakefield Quebec, as a full time artist. Barkley’s paintings explore humanity's relationship to nature and his existential concerns while experimenting with paint application. As a boy, his father, an artist as well, encouraged him to draw and paint, and eventually took him to paint on sojourns into the country. As a young man, he returned to Ottawa to study. In addition to painting, he is also a dedicated scholar, whose studies and interests factor significantly in his art work. His degrees include a Master of Arts in Religion, from Carleton University (2001); a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Art, Magna Cum Laude, University of Ottawa (1996); Bachelor of Arts, Honours, Psychology, from Carleton University (1989); and a Bachelor of Arts, Law and Psychology, Carleton University. In 2000, he wrote a Master's thesis which created a new hermeneutic of art, based upon the work of Jung, Tillich, and Heidegger, it was subsequently applied to the work of Roland Poulin. John Barkley’s works have been exhibited extensively and have been reviewed in Le Droit, The Ottawa Citizen, and The Globe and Mail. His paintings are part of numerous private and corporate collections.